WEBPRO v1.0 | Universal WebView Configurable React Native Mobile Application

WebPro – Create Android / iOS WebView mobile app from responsive website using react-native. Configure requirement and create your site into an app.


React Native:  A React Nativeapp ensures speed and agility for the mobile apps with responsiveness and a great native app based user experience for Android and iOS, used by Instagram, Facebook, Walmart and many more. React Native WebView:   A modern, well-supported, and cross-platform WebView for iOS and Android. will give you an optimal web browsing experience. Pull to Refresh:  Having the pull-to-refresh feature is convenient for users because they’re able to update the screen whenever they choose. Push Notification:  Push Notification with One Signal. JavaScript Support:  WebPro supports any JavaScript Implementation. HTML5 Game:  WebPro supports HTML5 games and you can play the game inside the app. Custom Loader:  We have an awesome animated app loader component. you can customize the loader. Full-Screen App:   Enjoy the fullscreen experience. Device Responsive:  Our app design will maintain the device responsive automatically. Caching implemented:  Get the maximum performance. Supports iOS & Android:  WebPro supports both iOS and Android using React Native. RTL support:  The app is left to right layout supported. Very easy to setup:  One single file to set all your configuration. The post WEBPRO v1.0 | Universal WebView Configurable React Native Mobile Application appeared first on NullJungle .

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